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Blog marketing is any process that publicizes or advertises a website, business, brand or service via the medium of blogs. This include, but is not limited to marketing via ads placed on blogs, recommendations and reviews by the blogger, promotion via entries on third party blogs and cross-syndication of information across multiple blogs.

Having a blog is a powerful tool to market your business online. It’s a way to provide value and information to your customers in a simple, straightforward format. But blogs can be hard work and it is easy to get off track. Here are few tips for launching a blog that is an effective business tool.

Blogging is a very popular activity. The number of online users creating and maintaining blogs has increased dramatically over the past year. the number internet users who read these blogs has also shot up, with some blogs boasting thousands, even millions of daily dedicated readers.

Key Approach:

• Business Blog Strategy Consultation

• Business Blog Strategy Consultation

• Customize blog look and feel templates

• Keyword Research

• Optimize the Blog

• Business Blog Management

• Blog Analytics and Monitoring

• Blog Posting

• Blog Optimization, Marketing and Promotion

Business Benefits:

1. Giving your Site a Fresh Feel

Consumers like to see a website that seems regularly updated. It reinforces the opinion that you’re open for business, not a scammer.

2. Giving you a Search Engine Optimization boost

Search engines also love a fresh website, and you can use the blog to target very narrow and specific keywords that bring in those paying customers looking for your services.

3. Show your customers behind-the-scenes personality

People like doing business with people they know, right? Give them the opportunity to get to know you so they couldn’t think of doing business with anybody else.

4. Zero Price Based Marketing

Blogging is a low cost alternative to having a web presence, for small business owners without the time to learn web html or the money to hire a designer/developer, blogging offers an inexpensive method to get your company’s name out on the internet.

5. Build Community

Business blogs provide your small business with a chance to share your expertise and knowledge with a larger audience. And opportunity to connect with a wider audience and build a community is a strong benefit for consultants and knowledge workers.

6. Better Communications

Blogging provides several communication benefits.

7. Easy Web Publishing Solution

Blog software is easy to use. Simply write your thoughts, link to resources, and publish to your blog, all at the push of a few buttons. Blog software companies such as WordPress or offer easy blogging tools to get started.

8. Attracting prospects

Developing new business opportunities. You’ll attract better, more qualified employees as they’ll see you as a “forward thinking” and “Social” Organization.

9. Develop your Niche or “Shtick” with each and every post

Which ultimately leads to greater focus, clarity, and company vision.

10. Brand Building

A blog is a great way to get your brand in front of thousands of people who otherwise would never now you’re existed.

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