Become Freelancer and earn money….


Follow this steps to earn money online…

Right now online paid survey is one of the best way to earn setting at home. you can earn extra income in your free time. By giving feedback, advice or suggestion on an online survey form you will be paid by the site ether in the form of money or reward points. This survey is  related to the product or service you are using. Many Marketing Companies regularly conduct these surveys to improve their product quality or service and you can make extra money helping them by participating in such surveys.

For this you just have to work 2 hrs daily on your mobile or Laptop.

Patience will be required in you.

You will be paid less in starting. Once you became master in surveys you may earn more so patience will take you to the highest level in long term.

These surveys are not available daily for this reason you should make accounts in 10 to 15 different survey websites to earn more.

Register yourself on this website and make your profile. Once you register on site , you will receive a mail from them to activate the account. follow the instruction and participate in the survey.


1. Make separate mail ID for this.

2. Maintain excel or Google sheet to track the surveys/payment.

3. Don’t forget to give reviews on this survey panel 

4. If any doubt regarding the website, you can complaint on facebook.


1. Never go to the sites which offers you more money.

2. Never get registered on the sites which are asking fees for registration.

3. Don’t lie in feeling the surveys 

4. Don’t participate in survey panel. You and your time be not valued here.

Payment Methods on these sites

1. You will get points when you submit any survey.

2.Once you have more points in your account than the limit set by them, you will get money for that points.

3. Generally they pay you in the form of Gift voucher which you can avail from eCommerce sites.

4. Many survey panels pay directly through online payment. 

5. Start with this survey website:,,,,,

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