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Sustain or increase your business in Lockdown

Follow this steps for business growth…

In 30 Days of Lock-Down, Owners of Small and big Companies are enjoying mini vacation. Promoters of small scale industries are suffering huge lose due to lockdown. The Operation cost of company is fixed like, salary of the employee, Light bill, Business loan EMI etc… In this time 90% of Promoters are passing time by blaming to fortune or government or thinking what ever happen to others will happen to us. Some of promoters feel relaxed in this situation, because they are not bother to this operational cost, and far from debtors. Feeling to have good time to breathing. They do not have idea or not have thinking How to use this time.
You do not have control on external situation, but it’s obviously your own control on your internal situations. Some of promoters are blaming to fortune or government for this lockdown situation. They have declared Mini Vacation itself and getting trap in financial crisis they do not even feel it. .

But in this lockdown situation some companies thinking and acting differently from others and achieving growth in this time. For example. S K Group, when every chemist suffering from getting medicine from the distributors, S K Group think differently and used its forward agent to supply medicine to distributors of country. The MD of Company Mr. Jatin Shah got the permission from Government to use own vehicle and build supply chain immediately.

Some other company also building strong relationship with their current customer from the social media platform. There are some more company which are not just passing time but due to habit of think different not only sustain in this situation but also donate to nation. Discuss with us for more idea and company growth in this lockdown period.

Tips to Develop Creativity in leisure time

  • Build online platform to attract more customer, connect existing customer, taking survey etc…
  • Check out the possibility do not find problems
  • Find out the ways to sustain your business in minimum loss
  • Search out possibility of organic growth of the company by strategic collaboration
  • This is best time to generate business leads. Work aggressively on it
  • Valuate all your branding tools, also search out new one
  • Concentrate on new product after lockdown to fill loss gape
  • Concentrate to Decrease cost minimum 10% by analyze past data and IMS of your company
  • Plan to increase productivity per employee after lockdown
  • Develop online platform to be connected with customer and supply demanded product
  • Be creative and care to yourself so that external situation cannot overcome on you.

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