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(Pay Per Click) is one of the most revolutionary forms of advertising in history. When used correctly, it’s possible to dominate an online market and generate an excellent Return on Investment (ROI). It is advertising system where the advertiser only pays for each click on their advert. While it is most often used as an advertising system offered by search engines, such as Google and Yahoo!, it can also be used for banner advertising (Where the advertiser pays for clicks on the advert as opposed to impressions).

PPC advertising revolutionized the online advertising industry, and today, advertising generates 99% of Google’s revenue. Google’s revenue for the quarter ended March 31.2019 was $10.65 Billion! and that figure continues to increase.

Key Approach:

• Business Objectives

• Keyword Research

• Add Campaigns & Add Groups

• Match Type

• Syndication Strategy

• Add Copy

• Bid Strategy

• Quality Score

• Analytics & Conversion

• Re-Strategize & Repeat

• Monthly Report

Business Benefits:

1. Geo-Targeting

Online advertising has the ability to target markets by country, province or city, and can even drill them down to something as specific as their business requirement.

2. Immediate Search Visibility

If your company does not have strong search engine visibility, pay per click marketing is the fastest and easiest way to show up on the search engines.

3. Reduce Costs

From proven keyword expansion and bid management techniques to ad testing and landing page optimization, SEO Inc utilizes best of breed technology to support human expertise and deliver traffic and new customers at the most cost-effective points available.

4. Maximize ROAS (Return on Ad Spend)

Working closely with their clients, our professional PPC Marketers perform extensive PPC ad testing and conversion analysis. This enables us to get more clicks for the advertising dollar and to deliver the highest quality traffic.

5. Increase Depth of Keyword Targeting

If you have a smaller website but want to target a large amount of keywords, you will need to use PPC Advertising.

6. Reinforce Branding

Supplement already strong search engine rankings with PPC and you control more of the search engine results pages (SERP’s) for searches on your branded keyword phrases.

7. Remarketing

Every marketer knows that the more a potential customer is exposed to your brand and messaging over time, the more likely they will become a customer. Remarketing allows you to show ads to users who’ve previously visited your websites as they browse the web.

8. Testing Capabilities

Pay per click marketing offers a tremendous opportunity for marketers to test new ideas whether it is testing a marketing message prior to a new product launch, experimenting with offers or price points, or just improving an existing PPC campaign.

9. Real-Time “Trackability” and “Monitoring”

PPC campaign stays as effective and efficient as possible by tracking keyword and phrase successes (and losses), which ads bring in the most traffic (and which are duds), conversion rates and more.

9. Local to Global Exposure

One of the best PPC benefits is the ability to choose where your ads are served by geography. If you are large or small and want to grow. PPC allows you to target new geographic or demographic markets.

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